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    Nutty Tales!

    Episode 1-"Time For Mischief!"

    Harry looked down at his nuts as he paced back and forth. He kept thinking to himself, “Is this enough? Do I need more? Am I happy with these nuts?” He finally came to the conclusion...

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    Episode 2-"Nut Bandit!"

    Harry had made his way back to the little town.  He sat perched in the tree, observing the bustle below, with disguise in his hand, waiting to pounce into action.  There was more activity...

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    Episode 4-"Hoe On A Leash!"

    Harry’s dream bothered him. He never really thought about his own cache being stolen. He never buried it like others. His cache was always where he could see it. Unfortunately, this left him open and vulnerable if anyone ever entered his den. Harry tried to figure out what to do. He didn’t want to bury...

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