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    Life is taken seriously all the time. People worry about everything and life begins to pass you by. Once you look around, you feel like you've been standing still the entire time. Harry Nutz Clothing Co. is about enjoying life and having fun! 

    What makes us unique is that we use our characters to tell a story, and we tell those stories on our website and on our t-shirts.. Each design gives insight into the personality of the character, or a piece of the "Nutty Tale".

    We're a small, family-run brand having fun with a squirrel named Harry Nutz.  As a small company, we put a premium on quality, production, and excellent customer service. We invite you to take this journey along with us and Harry Nutz. Let's see what trouble gets stirred up with Harry and the gang. In the words of Harry Nutz....


    ~Time for some Mischief!