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    Where did the name "Nutty Tales" come from?  We wanted to be a unique brand, and we also wanted to have fun.  So we figured a fun way to tell a brand "story" would be to actually tell a story!  Our main character is Harry Nutz, the squirrel.  We put our desire to tell stories with the crazy, "nutty" things that Harry does, and voilà!  "Nutty Tales" was born!  While we adore the name, we are now in the process of focusing on our main character, Harry Nutz, and will be known by Harry Nutz Clothing Co.!

    Will all of the designs come from a "Nutty Tale"?  No, they won't.  Some of the designs will be stand alone designs.  But even those that aren't part of the tale will most definitely reveal part of the personality of that particular character.

    Is Harry Nutz the only character in Nutty Tales?  Harry Nutz is our main character, but his adventures will have him meeting and interacting with a host of other characters.  Some might be friend, some might be foe.  Stick around and the other characters that we introduce!

    Ok, you've got cool stories about a squirrel and his nuts, what about the products?  Great question!  Thanks for asking!  Our designs are printed on 4.2 oz., 100% premium combed and ring-spun cotton.  It's extremely soft, and keeps it's shape after multiple washes.  We also screen print using water based inks, which are ultra soft with a "barely there" feel.  Our print methods combined with our shirts makes for an extremely high quality garment.

    Are t-shirts the only products that you offer?  At the moment we only have t-shirts for sale on our website.  But the weather is getting colder here in the US, and we'll be adding hoodies very soon.  The quality of our hoodies will match that of our t-shirts, as we believe that quality is the best attribute for selling.  Be on the lookout for our hoodies!

    Sounds pretty good so far.  Cool squirrel stories and high quality products.  But what about your service?  We believe that excellent customer service is the cornerstone of any great business.  Since we strive to be a great business, we put a premium on customer service.  If you ever have an issue with any of the products you purchase from us, we'll take care of your issue promptly and to your satisfaction.  We want you to purchase from us with confidence, and to keep coming back for our awesome products.  We know that the only way to have that happen is to treat you like family.  So welcome to the Nutty Nation family!  

    If you have any other questions for us that aren't answered here, just send us an email to info@nuttytalesclothing and we'll do our best to help you with whatever you need!

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we'll give out exclusive discounts on those platforms from time-to-time!

    If you really, REALLY, like us, consider joining our Brand Ambassador Program where you can make money getting other people to buy some Nutty Tales Clothing gear, and become and official member of Nutty Nation!