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    When you grow up with multiple siblings, at times food can get scarce.  It becomes survival of the fittest.  Harry recognized this early on, and resolved that he would work smarter, not harder.

    He lives each day to the fullest. He's a prankster, a jokester, and a devious little squirrel.  He's always thinking, "What can I get away with today?"

    Harry may appear to be a normal rodent, but he is more cunning than meets the eye.

    He has learned to observe his foes and fellow rodents to determine their gathering methods.  He waits for them to bury the stash and leave.  He digs it up, takes it, and keeps it for himself.  This has earned him the infamous name of  "Nut Bandit". 

    However, what Harry doesn't know is although he may be an observer, he is also under observation.  Join us on our wild ride as we reveal the Adventures of Harry Nutz!